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Avoid these 5 Biggest, Most Common Mistakes When Choosing a Chiropractor

If you have ever had back pain, a sports injury or been in a car accident, you have probably thought about seeing a Chiropractor.  Now, you may be at the point where you're ready to look into it but you still have some questions...Is this you?

Or maybe you've been to a Chiropractor before and it didn't work the way you wanted but you are willing to try a different Chiropractor with a different approach...Is this you?

If any of these two scenarios you can identify with then continue reading as the following will answer some of your potential questions.

My name is Dr. George Lucia and I am not writing this to persuade you in becoming my patient.  I solely want to be an advocate for our community and Chiropractic and to provide you with some ideas to consider before you make a decision to try Chiropractic.  These ideas will save you valuable time, effort and money.  Hopefully, this report will help you make a good, informed choice and prevent you from making these mistakes before it's too late.

So I would like to show you how to avoid the 5 biggest mistakes when choosing a Chiropractor.

Mistake #1:     Identify "WHY" you want to see a Chiropractor.  You need to have a specific goal in mind before making your appointment and be able to communicate that with the doctor so the appropriate treatment plan can be established.  Maybe you are coming in for pain-relief because nothing else worked (pain meds, surgery, exercises, stretching, etc.) and a friend mentioned you should try Chiropractic.  Or maybe you heard that Chiropractic is much more than pain relief but can help improve overall health and wellness.  Whatever the reason make sure you properly communicate that with your Chiropractor.

Mistake #2:     Don't just shop for the cheapest Chiropractor. No matter what type of doctor you see it will cost money.  However, temporary money worries can get in the way of improving your health, adding years to your life and in the long term SAVE you lots of money on other unnecessary future medical expenses.  Most insurance plans cover Chiropractic and most offices will allow payment plans. Nothing is more valuable and important than your health.

By the way, most people on average spend about $10/day on things that harm their health such as soda, fast food, coffee, alcohol, tobacco, etc.  A slight cut back on those types of items leaves plenty for Chiropractic visits.

Mistake #3:     You let other people talk you out of seeing a Chiropractor.  I can guarantee that someone, somewhere at sometime has had a bad experience with a Chiropractor just as they have had with a medical doctor.  But did that stop them from seeking another medical provider. Probably not.  They found another medical doctor they were more comfortable with and you should do the same with a Chiropractor or any other healthcare profession for that matter.    Many times people will talk without knowing all the facts. Do your own research, ask more than one person and make the best decision for you.

Mistake #4:     Some people don't trust the Chiropractor, and it's not the Chiropractor's fault.  Some people just think they are more informed than the doctor and go in with a very closed mind.  These people go in with a plan, an agenda and no matter what type of recommendation the Chiropractor makes it can't be the right thing for them. This is a recipe for disaster and usually leaves the patient questioning the accuracy of the prognosis because they weren't open minded in the first place.  Again, this comes down to good communication.  Find a Chiropractor willing to answer your questions, address your concerns and be willing to consider their recommendations.

Mistake #5:     Procrastinating!  This not only true in choosing the proper doctor for yourself but this applies to many areas in our lives.  People wait and wait to act and most of the time this leads to even more problems.  You can't wait for everything in your life to be perfect to make that appointment to see a Chiropractor.  It is unrealistic that you have to wait until you have this amount of time or this amount of money because you will never have "enough". 

In our office, we hear this all the time with our patients " I shouldn't have waited this long, I should have come in sooner. " You are no different than anyone else.  Don't get trapped into saying these famous 5 words as well "Oh, It will go away. "  The longer you wait will inevitably cost you more of your time, effort and money because as problems continue it will inevitably take longer to get well again.  

Isn't your health or pain relief important to you?  If it is, what is stopping you from making the commitment to at least visit a Chiropractor for a FREE Consultation?  Most offices will do this and I encourage you to visit a few.  If you know Chiropractic can help you, why haven't you made an appointment to be evaluated?


Your life and your health are too important to put it off any further. Give someone a call  and allow them to help you.  I would be more than happy to sit down with you and  answer any further questions you may have. Contact us by phone or by email at 336-768-8338 or

Congratulations, by reading this article you are one step closer to better health and wellness!